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Ayya Dhammadīpā's Dharma Talks at Dassanāya Buddhist Community
Ayya Dhammadīpā
I aspire to offer teachings that are encouraging, that support people to discover how they are an expression of Dhamma. I'm particularly interested in the interplay between stilling and settling the mind, and opening to greater kindness and generosity of heart.
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2022-10-12 Mindfulness of Breathing - the first 12 steps 38:47
Guided meditation using the first three tetrads of anapanasati
2022-09-29 Abiding in Metta that Abounds 41:43
guided meditation radiating metta loving kindness
2022-09-29 Sensing the Breath 24:01
guided meditation observing all of the parts of the breath
2022-09-27 Mind Beyond Body 36:56
Metta as a powerful practice for the cultivation of wholesome kamma and mitigating the impacts of previous unwholesome deeds
2022-09-22 Waves of Metta 40:40
Guided meditation on metta like waves of sound radiating in all directions
2022-07-20 Four Kinds of Joy 39:00
Discovering ways to cultivate joy, and to discern what can and cannot change about your experience. Using Numbered Discourse 11.2 as a basis for developing the Path. Part of the Tuesday Tune In series of talks at Dassanāya Buddhist Community.
2022-07-05 Setting Your Heart on the End of Ignorance 29:54
A talk on intention, desire, confidence, and cultivation of the Eightfold Path, based on AN 4.178
2022-06-14 Facets of the Jewel 37:58
A Dharma talk on the five aggregates or khandhas or human experience, and how practicing with them can lead to an experience of the fullness of each moment. Part of the Tuesday Tune In series at Dassanāya Buddhist Community.
2022-06-10 Acercarse a la paz 37:10
prácticas para dejar atrás la agitación y la resistencia a estados sanos
2022-05-18 Resting on the Six Sense Bases 35:07
a guided meditation, part of the Wednesday Morning Meditation series at Dassanāya Buddhist Community

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